गाया है Alisha Chinoy ने। गीतायन पर खोजें

असल में

tinakaa tinakaa zaraa zaraa
hai roshanii se bharaa bharaa

Pavan Jha ने जैसा सुना/समझा
tinakaa tinakaa *zarraa zarraa*
hai roshanii se bharaa bharaa

बकौल Pavan Jha,
This is an unusual mondegreen.. as this proved to be a mondegreen for the singer.. I believe She misunderstood it and sung incorrectly.. Even the music director is culprit.. was the lyricist sleeping at the time of recording.. or no body cared...
1 की पसंद - मेरी भी!
अरे! मैंने भी यही समझा था!


v9y ने लिखा,

Technically, I would not call it a manbol since it is not happening on the listener's part. BTW, are you sure it's not the other way round? The "misheard" version makes more sense to me.

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